Muay Thai

Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is a combat martial art. Benefits include increased endurance, flexibility, agility, confidence, and general fitness.  All equipment needed for this class is provided.

Instructor: Jeremy Novak

Jeremy Novak

Jeremy teaches our Martial Arts class specializing in Muay Thai.  Jeremy has been studying martial arts for several years, including Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga.  Jeremy's love for Muay Thai came about because he loves that it is a no-nonsense, full-body, and engaging workout.

YogaFaith Chair

Targeted to seniors and those with limited mobility, YogaFaith Chair Yoga is a great option for anyone who has difficulty getting on and off the floor. The class begins with seated and standing postures, and students have the option to move to the floor at the end for a fantastic meditation and relaxation.

YogaFaith Vinyasa Flow

YogaFaith Vinyasa Flow is a class for all levels that incorporates a sequence of poses that flow together to move your entire body allowing you to stretch and relax. Options are given to make all postures accessible and props are used to provide ease in any form. In addition to the physical benefits, join us for a time of worship, stillness and focus on God. 

Instructor: Diane Mester

Mester, YogaS1

Diane developed a love of wellness over 15 years ago and wants to share that passion with others. She is certified in group fitness training with an older adult specialty and as a Health Coach from ACE.

Circuit Training

Kick-start your morning with this total body workout class.  We'll go through a variety of strength and cardio exercises to work several muscle groups in a short amount of time.  This class is for all fitness levels.

Instructor: Cami Spong

Intro to Fencing

Be prepared for vigorous physical activity as you learn basic skills and rules of fencing, eventually leading up to one-on-one sparring.  Special equipment will be provided.  Athletic pants and closed toe shoes recommended.

Instructor: Michael Ritter


Michael’s interest in history and swordplay led him to begin fencing 6 years ago, where he learned from his coach at Twin Peaks Charter Academy.  While fencing at the school, Michael won several tournaments as well as 3 Coach’s Enthusiasm awards.  He has fenced in multiple joint practices with the CU Fencing Club and has participated in a regional tournament.  He looks forward to sharing his knowledge of the sport here at Hopelight!


Zumba brings together dance and fitness set to high energy music.  The combination of low-intensity and high-intensity moves will give you a total body workout, all while making exercise fun!

Instructor: Blanca Montero

Next Steps...

You can enroll in as many classes as you like.  Each session lasts for two months and cost $10 for the entire session.  Please sign up today!