New Classes

Beginning November 1st

Hopelight Fitness is excited to bring a new series of classes in a new format beginning November 1st.

Our Approach

Hopelight Fitness was designed to enhance health and foster community by providing wellness education and activities in cooperation with Hopelight Clinic Family.  Hopelight Fitness works in close proximity to the Hopelight Medical Clinic, Hopelight Behavioral Health, and The Crescendo Project which as a group promotes wellness of the whole person.

Our Story

Hopelight Fitness began as a way for a small group of friends and family to get fit together in a non-threatening and fun environment.  We have blossomed  from that small idea to reaching a larger audience through joining the Hopelight Clinic family!


Next Steps...

You can enroll in as many classes as you like.  Each session lasts for two months and cost $10 for the entire session.  Please sign up today!